My Mindmap template for meetings
domingo, noviembre 18, 2007
Some time ago I found that my meetings are much more productive if I keep the "big picture" with a Mindmap. It helps me to realise what's missing and to link different points in order to clearly detect the Action Points ( AP ).

Finally, I've created my own template and I use it everyday. Most people seem quite surprised when I take it out of my notebook, but finally .... some of them ask me secretly for a copy !!

If any of you are interested, this is the template

As you can see, very simple to use.

These are the normal steps :

1. Main subject in center ( Ej. Budget 2008 )
2. Date and Attendees of the meeting
3. Basic backup and current situation
4. Main problems/opportunities to solve
5. Possible solutions, with pros and cons
6. Action points out of the meeting

And finally, outline the top-priority action points, responsibles, dates and expected results

Of course you'll need a good system to capture and followup those actions points, but that is a different history.

For a full size version ( A4 size ) you can print and use yourself go here.

I hope you find it useful !!

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Fireworks Newbury '07
sábado, noviembre 10, 2007
It's firework time in Newbury, and today I took some pictures of those.

Quite funny the effects that "fireworks+ hand shake" can produce.
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