Philippe and Mindmapping
lunes, octubre 29, 2007

As you probably already know, specially if we work together, I like Mindmapping. In fact it's more than that.... I only do Mindmapping in my normal work ( well, I do a bit more but I only take notes in that format ).

I use it for meetings, brainstorming, solving problems, planning projects, evaluating team members, conferences, training, visits with customers.... I just found it's the right way to "estimulate" my brain and keep open to alternative solutions and seeing the "big picture".

Some time ago I thought on structuring this site as a "Mindmap" where you could navigate through the different branches and types of content. The only limitation is I may need some web design skills to do it which I don't have ( yet ).

Talking of Mindmapping, today I found Philippe's Mindmapping blog ( yes, 100% dedicated to Mindmapping ) where he links one of my mindmapping posts.

Philippe works in Ibermapping, promoting mindmapping as a key business tool

Guys, you see... I'm not the only one!!!


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