Don Pepe of New Jersey
sábado, diciembre 15, 2007

Last Sunday I flew into Newark International Airport, just few miles from New York, for an event with our Global Enterprise team in US. I spent there three days but never really managed to scape to do some shopping or visit Manhattan once more this year.

Only non-working event was going out for dinner. Al took us to Don Pepe, an Spanish restaurant in New Jersey. Sangria and Tapas to start ( kind of ) but my big mistake was to try the Paella ( I should imagine how it was by seeing "chorizo" as one of ingredients, but "curiosity kills the cat" ). Restaurant is nice, tapas eatable but Paella.... worst paella ever. Just no taste, neither in the rice or the "things" added ( which curiously enough were the same they had taken before for tapas ;-)

Yes, I know Paella is something genetic and nearly religious for me, but even the Brits where horrified by how bad it was.

Honestly, I should rather go for the American steak, which looked very good.

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